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On behalf of the LEGACY TOUR family, thank you for visiting our site.

We want to invite you to join us in the Middle East for an experience of a lifetime.

LEGACY TOURS stand alone as the most unique tour experience of the Middle East today. While participants will miss out on some of the traditional tourist sites common among mainstream tourism, you will see a side of the region that few others ever will.

We are not a traditional tour company. LEGACY TOURS was birthed out of love for the Lord, love for the Bible, love for Israel, and love for the people of the Middle East. We aim to share and deepen this love together as we explore and discover some of the most important and consequential locations in the world today.

LEGACY TOURS was also birthed out of relationship between unusual comrades. Dalton Thomas is the founder and President of Frontier Alliance International who has been pioneering initiatives in conflict zones all over the world over the past decade. Marco Moreno is a retired Lt. Colonel in the Israeli Defense Force who directed the infamous 504 HUMIT intelligence division and served as the chief architect of the IDF’s now infamous “Good Neighborhood Project” in Syria. Joel Richardson is a world renowned Bible teacher and author who has reshaped the consciousness of the global church concerning Islam and the Muslim world and reoriented the theological and missiological trajectory of a generation of pastors, preachers, and teachers.

We will take you to our favorite places, introduce you to our favorite people, share with you some of our favorite stories, and expound upon some of our favorite Scriptures. In the process we aim to honor and preserve the legacy of so many who deserve to be known and remembered. The only reason that places are significant or “holy” is because of the people who lived there and made them so. This is what we mean when we say “legacy.”

Through LEGACY TOURS we will introduce you to Israeli Army Generals who gave decisive leadership in historic battles that changed the course of history. You will meet Peshmerga commanders who met the Islamic State on the Nineveh plains and halted their bloody blitzkrieg. You will get to know courageous men and women who are laying their lives down to pioneer a more hopeful future for people whose lives have been ripped apart by jihad and genocide. You will meet those who survived it as well as those who fought to end it. You will see minefield and vineyards, mountains and deserts, soldiers and sons. You will hear of victories and defeat, sorrows and joys, hopes and fears. We promise a deeper understanding of the Middle East than you ever imagined.

Join us on a LEGACY TOUR and embark on a pilgrimage that will change your life forever.

Dalton Thomas
Joel Richardson
Marco Moreno
(co-founders of LEGACY TOURS)